“Your Post-Divorce Compass: Practical, Real-World Advice for the Newly Single” is a comprehensive workbook designed to help someone who is recently divorced sort out “everyday life” issues like updating insurance beneficiaries, automating finances, and hiring the right financial advisors. Written by a family lawyer with over a decade of experience, this book complements the many excellent resources which exist for helping divorcees deal with their emotional and spiritual crises by methodically guiding the reader through a host of financial matters. The book’s unique, “one task per day” mentality also empowers the reader by turning a complex mass of problems into a manageable group of tasks.

The book’s author, Michael R. Dunham, Esq., graduated from Emory University School of Law in 2002 and has been a practicing trial lawyer in the Metro Atlanta area ever since. Family law has always been a big part of Mike’s practice. Throughout his career, Mike has helped hundreds of people through their divorce cases, and now through this book, Mike looks forward to being able to help them after the dust settles.

You can find out more about Mike here.