Your Post-Divorce Compass
Practical, Real-World Advice for the Newly Single

From the book’s forward:

I wrote this book because it needed to be written.

I have been practicing domestic relations, or “family”, law, for more than a decade. The overwhelming majority of these cases end as uncontested cases. The end – as in, the very end, when the divorce decree is signed by the judge and filed with the clerk – is always very anti-climactic to me, and usually to my client, as well. There is no music, no fireworks, no fanfare. Usually it’s just my client and me. The only celebration is often me awkwardly congratulating my client.

Soon enough, of course, my client is on her own. My job, which was to have her divorce finalized, is over and done. But I can’t help but think her next thought must be, “now what?”

This straight-forward book is my attempt to answer that question. It is based around a checklist – everything you should be thinking about at some point in making sure your post-divorce life is in order.

Of course, the list is not a simple list. While some of the advice I give you can be quickly and easily followed, there are also a number of tasks that are fairly daunting and will take some time.

The key, though, is to approach the list systematically and deliberately. You won’t take on any more than one task per day. You don’t have to do it all at once, and frankly you shouldn’t try. If you do, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Part of the purpose of this book is to prevent that from happening.

To that end, every single item on the list has been given a dedicated chapter, with specific instructions and practical advice. In most cases, the chapters have been supplemented on this site. Not all of them will apply – indeed, some tasks can be skipped entirely. But it is easily digestible, enabling you to quickly review it and determine for yourself exactly what you need to do. The key is to just keep moving through it.

I hope you find this useful and will buy the book and see for yourself. Or if you already have the book, if you wouldn’t mind heading over to the Amazon.com page and leaving a review, that would be a huge help.

Thank you!

-Mike Dunham